Connection issues leave Disney fans frustrated

Disney’s long awaited streaming platform, Disney Plus, launched on Tuesday to much fanfare, and even more error messages. Over 10 million people signed up to the streaming service on launch day in Canada, the US, and the Netherlands according to Disney. Unfortunately for many subscribers, they were served up Wreck-It-Ralph themed Wi-Fi error pages instead of the first episode of The Mandalorian.

Disney took to Twitter to apologise to subscribers for the host of connection issues, saying that day one demand “exceeded our highest expectations.” According to the website, problems have continued past launch day with tens of thousands of error reports being logged on subsequent days.

ISPs are caught in the middle

When it comes to connection issues to services like Disney Plus, consumers don’t often know where the problem originates. ISPs often find themselves handling calls from consumers who can’t connect to their favourite services, and just want their internet to work. Not only do ISP support teams have to take the time to help customers through these issues, customer satisfaction tends to fall if support teams can’t answer questions about other companies’ services.

One of the main benefits of RouteThis is that it gives ISPs the power to see into the home network and answer tough questions about where connection issues arise. RouteThis is able to ping specific streaming services like Disney Plus or Netflix, giving customers definitive answers about where the problem originates.

Over the last week, RouteThis has helped a number of our ISP partners handle these tough calls and prove to customers that the issue lives on Disney’s server side and not the network or WiFi, without having to ask too many technical questions.

The future is streaming, and RouteThis can help

With the rise in popularity of Wi-Fi connected devices in the home, ISPs are already fielding a large number of tech support calls for issues caused by heavy bandwidth usage and channel congestion. As people spend more time streaming TV, movies, and games, ISPs will now see an influx of calls about streaming service disruptions, further taxing valuable support resources.

A powerful support platform like RouteThis helps turn those complex and frustrating calls into great customer experiences, so your customers can go back to enjoying their favourite shows instead of worrying about their internet service.

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