Right now, the RouteThis platform is aimed at helping ISP and smart home support teams to simplify the troubleshooting process for customers calling in about WiFi/connectivity issues. But our ultimate goal is technical support automation.


Support shouldn’t be an afterthought. It’s the differentiating factor that separates top organizations from the rest.


We want to offer a platform that not only provides diagnostics on customers’ home networks but truly allows support teams to streamline and standardize their technical support processes, while improving the customer experience from start to finish.


Last quarter, we hit some major milestones on our journey towards that goal, especially with the revamped connection quality section. But we know we still have a long way to go.


So, we spent the last few months working on some major updates that will get us closer to the finish line.


Now, a quick look at the new features


1. RouteThis Workflows




Workflows helps standardize your support experience and allows your tier 1 agents to solve tickets that previously required intervention from tier 2! Agents can now avoid reading the raw RouteThis diagnostics and let us do the problem solving instead.


2. Text Message Distribution




Halve the time it takes to get a customer running a RouteThis scan! Our text system allows support agents to input a customer’s phone number to send a direct link to the correct RouteThis app for their phone. It also gets rid of all of the keys/codes needed to retrieve customer data, further streamlining and shortening the support process.


3. Live stream of scan data




No more awkward silences as RouteThis scans run, just data right away! Gaining valuable RouteThis data more quickly has been one our most-requested features from agents. Now, we’ll begin to live stream results (and predict problems in the Workflows view) as a scan runs, so you won’t have to wait for it to complete to start solving a customer’s problem.


Launch + Learn Webinar: How our new features are revolutionizing the customer support experience for beta partners


If you’d like to hear more about these updates and how they’re being used in the wild, you’re in luck as I’m hosting our first webinar on June 28th!


We’ll be chatting more about the future of RouteThis and how our beta partners are already using the new and improved platform to deliver a world-class support experience.


Sign up to learn how you can do the same!




Thanks for reading and stay tuned for even more updates!

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