Over ⅔ of all calls received by ISP support teams are related to common WiFi problems such as connectivity, speed, and device disconnect issues. Network visibility is the key to solving these issues quickly and effectively, but most ISPs have limited or no insight into their subscribers’ home network. As a result, they have to rely on the customer to provide this diagnostic information, which in many cases is incorrect or incomplete. This manual diagnostic collection process often results in long handle times, frustrated customers, unnecessary technician visits, and ultimately much higher support spend than necessary.


Most ISPs want to cover 100% of their customer base with diagnostics, but are unable due to drawbacks with the current hardware-based solutions available today. Here are some of the main problems with these types of solutions:


Lengthy, complex (and expensive) deployment


Most ISPs use multiple networking equipment vendors to set up home networks. A large service provider uses anywhere from 6 to 30 CPEs to serve their subscriber base. CPE vendor-based solutions typically go through multiple stages and tests before they are fully deployed in the market. From demos to PoCs to field tests, the complexity of deployment involving multiple CPE vendors makes it so that it could take years to cover the entire subscriber base. Not to mention, these CPEs will inevitably require updates and replacements at some point, further driving up costs.


Inconsistent visibility across customers


Even ISPs who have invested in Auto Configuration Servers (ACS) and TR-069 deployments do not always have consistent visibility on customer networks. In most cases, TR-069 support varies by CPE, so the information available to agents changes from customer to customer (if the agent even has access to this information in the first place). Plus, subscriber coverage is frequently incomplete, whether due to long CPE upgrade cycles or the growing trend of subscribers providing their own equipment. All this makes standardized processes and workflows more difficult to achieve, slowing down agent training and hurting customer experience.


Difficult-to-decipher diagnostics


Equipping support agents with multiple CPE-based/TR-069 enabled diagnostic solutions is not only time-consuming and expensive, but the resulting diagnostics are often fragmented and overly complicated for agents to use effectively.


The solution


It’s obvious that there is an urgent need for a solution that not only gives support teams complete visibility into their customers’ networks, but also presents diagnostics in a way that is actually useful for agents.


RouteThis is a mobile-based network diagnostics solution that can cover 100% of your customer base in as little as 4 weeks. With no hardware or firmware required, ‘deployment’ is a breeze. Customers simply download the RouteThis Discovery App on their mobile device, run a network scan with the click of a button, and support agents can view all of their diagnostic info on the web-based RouteThis Dashboard. It’s an all-on-one technical support platform that provides a detailed, comprehensive view into the customer’s network, providing actionable easy-to-read resolution steps for agents of all technical skill levels.

100% customer coverage. Usable diagnostics. No hardware required.


Sounds too good to be true? Get in touch with us to see how RouteThis can help your team get 100% diagnostic coverage on your customers in a matter of weeks.

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