How Cincinnati Bell reduced their support costs with RouteThis

Written by Giselle Rochford



Reduced unnecessary
technician visits


Over $ 1 million projected
support cost savings*


Increased upsell opportunities
with deep insights


Cincinnati Bell

About the company

Cincinnati Bell is the largest and fastest internet service provider in Cincinnati, Ohio. With a rich history dating back to the 1870s, Cincinnati Bell pioneered countless innovative communication solutions over the years, including local and long distance voice, data, high-speed Internet, and video entertainment services—that keep residential and business customers in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, connected with each other and with the world.

Fast Facts


Broadband, Fibre Optics


Ohio, USA

Number of Subscribers

Over 400,000

Number of Agents



End-to-End communication for consumers and businesses

Solutions used

RouteThis Core Diagnostics, RouteThis Workflows, Camera

Favourite Features

Connection quality of all devices, Camera



Prior to RouteThis, Cincinnati Bell was facing growing challenges to support their increasing internet subscriber base. Particularly, they were finding it difficult to understand the root cause of wireless signal degradation. Diagnostic results from modems were not sufficient to determine the root cause of network issues, especially those caused by distance or incorrect device set up. Agents typically had to rely on gathering this info from customers verbally, which often lead to incorrect or incomplete data. Additionally, when agents eventually identified a possible cause, they had to deal with frustrated customers who were reluctant to believe explanations for these issues without solid proof.

“Being able to see the connection quality of different devices to the router based on the distance is great and having this information opens up the conversation to suggest premium services and devices for our customers”

- Charles Moore, Operations Manager, Cincinnati Bell


During the initial PoC deployment, RouteThis was deployed to about 15 agents at Cincinnati Bell. Agents were trained on the Core diagnostics (now Diagnostics View), Camera and Workflows modules to enable end-to-end resolution capabilities.

Objectives of this project included:

  1. Reducing Average Handle Time by eliminating the back-and-forth with customers
  2. Automating the troubleshooting process with a custom built mobile application for Cincinnati Bell
  3. Improving visibility into customers’ home networks with diagnostic results from mobile app scans
  4. Reducing unnecessary technician visits
  5. Enabling Tier-1 agents to improve resolution capabilities with easy-to-use automated workflows
  6. Improving the support experience for their subscribers
  7. Providing agents with insights for upsell opportunities - e.g. suggesting upgrades to premium routers

“It is an awesome tool to help with different type customer calls, when walking them through setups of equipment, troubleshooting slow speeds and intermittent disconnects. I believe it makes the customer feel more confident in how I am helping them. They feel they have a tool that is helping them get resolve. I find that the cx hangs up happier, even if not resolved and assigned.”

- Customer Support Agent, Cincinnati Bell


During the PoC period, Cincinnati Bell’s support agents used RouteThis to identify the root cause of connectivity issues inside customers’ home networks. They saw significant reductions in unnecessary technician visits as well as an improved customer support experience.

A post-PoC survey of agents and customers showed that:

  • Customer issues were fully resolved during the first interaction on 60% of calls
  • Over 65% of customers would use the Cincinnati Bell Customer Support app (built by RouteThis) again for assisting with future troubleshooting needs
  • Agents believed they could use RouteThis to avoid unnecessary dispatches in up to 75% of future calls
  • One unexpected benefit of the RouteThis Camera feature was that it helped agents verify customers’ identities on calls, avoiding unnecessary visits by customers to retail locations.

After the 8 week PoC period, Cincinnati Bell decided to move forward with a full deployment of the RouteThis platform.

Future use cases

With the success of the initial project, Cincinnati Bell is deepening its engagement with RouteThis to further improve the support experience.

Some of the use cases that are in pipeline include:

  • Classifying maintenance requests into hazardous or not and improving the accuracy in device shipments with prior verification using RouteThis Camera
  • Self-service abilities on the app and the website - Enabling the end customer to resolve issues with simple workflows through self-help

*projected based on the PoC period outcomes

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