How Wyze Labs uses RouteThis to support 350,000+ users

Written by Giselle Rochford



Reduced unnecessary
product returns


Eliminated back-and-forth
about home network


Improved customer experience
by lowering handle times


About the company

Wyze Labs is a customer-centric smart home company in the IoT space with the mission to make smart home technology accessible to everyone. Since its inception in 2017, Wyze Labs has boomed in popularity. In just over a year their Wyze Cam and Wyze Cam Pan have become two of the best-selling security cameras on Amazon.

Fast Facts


Smart Home


San Francisco, USA


Connected Cameras

Solutions used

RouteThis Core Diagnostics

Number of Agents



Problem Overview

With the highly successful launch of its smart home camera line, Seattle-based start-up Wyze Labs saw an increasing number of customer contacts related to WiFi connectivity as more and more customers were setting up their cameras in different WiFi environments.

Based on its commitment to creating an exceptional support experience for customers, Wyze Labs wanted a solution that would empower support agents to more quickly identify the root cause of WiFi connectivity issues while reducing the burden on customers. Not only would this improve the customer experience, but it would also increase the efficiency of the team by allowing agents to help more customers in the same amount of time.


One of the main challenges with providing support for smart home products is the need to rely on the performance of the customer’s home WiFi network. Diagnosing issues related to WiFi connectivity can be time-consuming and burdensome to customers, especially if they are not familiar with the technical details of their network.

“RouteThis Core has been a fantastic tool to empower our customer support team to quickly identify the root cause of customer issues related to WiFi connectivity so that we can continue to deliver world-class customer support as our customer base grows.”

- Elana Fishman, COO


The RouteThis team worked with WyzeLabs to implement the RouteThis Core Diagnostics, facilitating rapid delivery of necessary diagnostics directly to agents and instant identification of network settings that commonly cause connectivity issues. The aim was to improve the customer experience by reducing resolution times, lower return rates and reach a better outcome for customers by solving WiFi connectivity issues instead of initiating returns and support a rapidly growing customer base while maintaining a customer-centric support experience. RouteThis Core was deployed to  10 agents who use the platform on a daily basis to solve issues around device setup and connectivity.


After implementing RouteThis Core Diagnostics, WyzeLabs was able to:

  • Identify the root cause of WiFi connectivity issues without burdening customers with questions they might not know the answer to
  • Solve customer issues faster by eliminating the need for back-and-forth questions about the customer’s WiFi connection
  • More easily determine if a customer issue is due to a hardware defect or if the issue is related to the customer’s WiFi connection, improving the warranty experience for customers and decreasing return rates
  • Follow a standardized and streamlined troubleshooting process, allowing the team to scale quickly while maintaining the customer experience

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