How Quality of Install empowers you to deliver the best possible customer experience every time


Ensure customer satisfaction from day one

Gone are the days when building a quality network was sufficient. For today’s broadband service provider, the key to longevity, success and profitability is to deliver the best possible customer experience. That means flawless Quality of Experience (QoE).

If a customer experiences poor in-home WiFi connectivity today, it doesn’t matter that it worked yesterday. Failure to deliver seamless QoE — every single day on every device — leads to significant increases in churn and negative reviews, not to mention excessive support demand and costly repeat visits.

For technicians in the field, delivering outstanding WiFi QoE begins on day one. It involves the vital work of getting the people and processes right to ensure that every install is being done correctly for every subscriber.

Consistent quality at scale

To fully understand how to optimize QoE, it’s important to consider what really matters in terms of measuring the customer experience. At RouteThis, we have identified five key performance indicators (KPIs) that can be used to indicate a reliable, high-performance installation, ensuring excellent QoE from day one; even if you employ hundreds or thousands of technicians. This quantitative metric is called Quality of Install (QoI). 

With QoI, field operations teams have a reliable and consistent process for measuring, evaluating and validating the WiFi installation, confirming that customers receive exceptional service. The 5 metrics of QoI include:

  • Measured versus plan speed: An assessment of how the actual wireless speed matches the plan speeds, making sure performance aligns with what the customer should reasonably expect

  • Benchmarking performed on the 5 GHz network: Due to the 2.4 GHz band’s limited bandwidth, best practice is to conduct speed tests and other benchmark tests on the 5 GHz band for optimal network conditions

  • Whole home coverage: To ensure the customer receives good QoE throughout the entire home, at least one room should be tested for every 500 square feet of the building’s footprint

  • All floor coverage: Technicians should test WiFi connectivity on every floor of the house before completion of set-up to deliver an uninterrupted customer experience

  • Flawless performance: If a technician should discover poor WiFi performance in any room, the issue needs to be resolved before leaving for a perfect QoI score.

When these QoI KPIs are all achieved satisfactorily, you can be sure of a high-quality home WiFi installation. 

However, a field technician traditionally would need to use several different tools to measure and validate all five KPIs. Not only is this unnecessarily cumbersome, but that also means that valuable benchmark data likely is not collected in one place for future troubleshooting and process improvement.

Certified performance

To ensure that QoI KPI data can be quickly and accurately collected with ease, RouteThis Certify provides an easy-to-use interface that captures data during the installation process. By following six simple steps, field technicians validate optimized WiFi connectivity, ensuring no coverage issues are left behind.

As the RouteThis Certify workflow is followed, data is collected by the platform and evaluated, with a distributed weighting across the five key metrics that total 100 points. After the KPIs have been achieved, a WiFi certificate is generated, which the technician can share with the customer to confirm that they will enjoy high QoE in every room throughout their home. 

Moreover, this cumulative installation data is also available via RouteThis Certify reporting dashboard, helping operations management pursue continuous improvements, even with third party installers. This data allows a range of advancements in terms of truck dispatch rates, customer satisfaction, churn reduction and other key success metrics. In fact, a Tier 2 ISP in the U.S. is using RouteThis Certify to continuously improve their QoI scores for better overall installation quality.

To learn how to deliver better QoE from day one for maximum customer satisfaction, watch this informative webinar conducted in partnership with Wi-Fi NOW here.


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