How certified WiFi installations help ISPs reduce churn and increase efficiency


When it comes to success as an ISP, one thing is abundantly clear: the customer experience can make or break your business. Today’s subscribers expect top-quality service and an uninterrupted WiFi connection throughout their whole home. This is why it’s so important to get the installation right the first time.

That said, the current approach to the installation process often leaves too much room for error, putting ISPs in danger of early churn and increasing the demand on your support team. But with certified WiFi installations, you can provide your subscribers with the best install experience by mapping out their home connectivity and optimizing it so they get the experience they want without the need for repeat visits. This will help not only set your subscribers but your technicians and support agents up for success as well.


The case for certified WiFi installations


Subscribers receive flawless wifi connectivity from day one

For WiFi subscribers, their sole interest in WiFi installations is getting their WiFi configured quickly and effectively. When a certified WiFi installation is successful, it also:

  • Sets subscriber expectations for WiFi performance: With certified installations, subscribers will immediately know what kind of experience they can expect based on what was done during the installation.

  • Confirms WiFi speeds throughout the home: WiFi certificates show a map of the subscriber’s home with options for location pins in every room. This will show the speed each room was getting during the time of installation to show them their expected speed for each room.

  • Offers the most ideal WiFi device configuration: Every home is unique, and certified installations help create custom plans made specifically for their home, no matter the shape, size, or number of floors.

  • Notifies subscribers of technician suggestions: If for whatever reason a subscriber didn’t accept a suggestion by a technician, the WiFi certificate will make it very clear what performance to expect based on their current setup and how they can fix it themselves down the line if they so choose.

Technicians have optimized processes at their fingertips

For technicians, one of the best parts about certified WiFi installations is that the process integrates perfectly with their typical routine; it just means making some minor adjustments to improve the overall installation experience. It also:

  • Gives simple, step-by-step install instructions: There’s little room for error when following a certified WiFi installation process; steps are laid out in a manner that makes sense and overlaps their usual processes, making it easy to integrate into their regular routine. 
  • Allows them to configure the home more efficiently: With automatic range detection from the WiFi source, it’s much easier to map out a home’s dead spots and combat them by adding in pods or extenders for full coverage.
  • Provides proof they did a thorough job: Certified installations help technicians prove that they followed best practices and give them a way to track and share their work efficiency and performance.

  • Prevents the need for unnecessary turnaround tech visits: WiFi certificates prove that the installation was successful and everything is operational. It also shows exactly how things were set up and what speeds were achieved where. This means the likelihood of anything going amiss is low, and if it does, it’s much easier to fix when called back.

Agents see all the details for enhanced support

Though certified WiFi installations greatly reduce the need for subscribers to call in for support, the unfortunate reality is that sometimes it still happens. But when it does, WiFi certificates can help to:

  • Show how the technician set up the home: This gives support agents insight into what happened during the installation so they can make the best decisions if subscribers do call in. 
  • Give a full picture of the subscriber’s home: Agents will have access to the home layout and router/pod placements recorded during the installation to determine where an issue might be coming from or if anything has changed that could be affecting connectivity.

  • Provides fast access to subscriber information: A WiFi certificate is tied to a subscriber’s account, so it’s easy to get access to their information and get right down to the crux of the issue.

  • Reduce the need for frustrating questions: Knowing how the home is configured at the start of the call removes the need to ask dozens of questions that can frustrate both the subscriber and the agent, leading to faster and more efficient support calls.

How RouteThis Certify can help improve your installation experience

Certified WiFi installations allow you to deliver better results through better WiFi experiences while improving subscriber experiences with WiFi connections that work the way they need to, right from the very start.

With RouteThis Certify, you’ll give subscribers a disruption-free WiFi experience, technicians the confidence to know they won’t need to return to a subscriber’s home right after installation, and your support team the tools and information they need to get subscribers back online quickly.


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