Introducing RouteThis Resolve: The key to better WiFi support


The next generation in remote WiFi diagnostics and troubleshooting is here! The team here at RouteThis has been hard at work, and today, we announced the launch of RouteThis Resolve.

As the first end-to-end support interaction platform for WiFi networks, Resolve transforms customers’ mobile devices into powerful network diagnostics probes—and then takes it a step further. With intuitive customer education features, better workflows, and more, Resolve is ready to change the ISP support game forever.

Why Resolve?

There are three major trends we see in the ISP industry that we’re solving with Resolve.

First, there’s been a major shift over the last few years about where the internet ends. For years, ISPs have said the internet service they provide ends at the modem. This perspective worked for so long because most homes had one desktop computer hardwired in.

As technology advanced and people started adding more devices, more laptops, more smartphones, even more TVs to their networks, that position became obsolete. Customers don’t know the difference between WiFi and internet, so they believe the internet ends at their device. If anything interrupts that connection between the modem and their device, they call the ISP to fix it.

It’s not just a handful of calls, either. It’s a flood, and it’s created a plethora of new issues that agents need to deal with on a daily basis.

Second, existing support tools weren’t helping get the job done. They’re designed to hand the agent data about the customer’s network like network speeds, ping traceroutes, and more—which the agent needs to interpret to solve the problem. After spending close to a thousand hours with support agents and calls, it became clear that about 80% of agents could look at the data and not know what to do with it.

Obviously, you’ve got that 20% that know exactly what to do with every piece of data they’re given. Companies saw this trend happening too, and many introduced the concept of workflows to guide the 80% to the same conclusions the 20% were reaching. That just created a secondary problem; agents would follow these workflows until they disagreed with them, or until they couldn’t get the right answer to a given step from a customer, and then they would go off-script.

And third, agents have adopted the responsibility of educating customers on calls. Like I mentioned, customers don’t often understand their home networks, which can create headaches when they call in. In fact, up to 90% of the calls that come into an ISP’s support center require some form of customer education for the agent to be able to resolve the issue.

If the agent can’t explain the steps clearly or help the customer understand what the issue is, those calls can rapidly devolve into repeat problems—and repeat calls.

Ultimately, the industry needs all of these issues solved. ISPs need the tools to resolve WiFi issues to meet customer expectations; and agents need tools that they can easily use the right way, and can help them educate customers.

Elevating the customer support experience

Resolve is more than a support tool. It’s the all-in-one solution ISPs need to meet and exceed customer expectations for support interactions.

It combines education…

Some agents can craft beautiful analogies to explain internet issues to non-technical customers, but some can’t—and then they struggle to explain concepts and issues. And when calls require agents to do this just so they can resolve the issue, that becomes a major problem.

With Resolve, we wanted to solve the education problem, and create balance between hard skills and soft skills. We knew we needed to make the agents who aren’t great at explaining technical issues great at it, so customers would get a consistent experience on every call.


...with autonomy…

We also knew the importance of creating a workflow that gives them the tools and information they need, but also gives them the autonomy to choose what they can do—so they never get to a point where they can’t work through steps like they need to.


…to create a dynamic platform that gets the job done—and that agents will want to use for each and every call.

ISPs need a platform that can run the gamut when it comes to their support operations. One that can help deliver an experience that goes above and beyond what their customers expect. One that can help them retain agents longer by ensuring they have the tools to do their job properly and enjoyably.

And one that helps the entire company improve the bottom line, reducing costs from customer acquisition costs to support delivery and more. All in one place. How amazing is that?

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